Pet friendly models

The Eden Alternative

The Eden Alternative™ provides a new way of thinking about person-directed care.

The Eden Alternative™ offers practical solutions to overcome feelings of loneliness, helplessness and boredom so often experienced by older people, whether in their own homes or living in residential care environments.

One of these solutions is the loving companionship of animals – specifically integrating companion animals into residential aged care environments.

One of the greatest challenges we universally face is “what happens to my beloved pet if I have to move into care? Can I take them with me?”

Equally, residential aged care homes ask “how can we make this happen?”

Eden training workshops and tool kits are available to the aged care sector, covering topics such as:

  • Selection of dogs and cats
  • Risk mitigation, infection control, managing allergies
  • Equipment needs
  • Wellness guidelines for live-in and visiting animals
  • Introducing dogs and cats into aged-care settings
  • Pet care guides, schedules and pet training
  • Establishing an animal welfare committee
  • Connecting residents and pets
  • Respecting residents who do not wish to interact with animals
  • Advance pet care directives
Bill Of Rights For Animals
Every animal that lives with the Elders has the right to:
  • Have proper and appropriate planning regarding purchasing, caring, training and maintenance before entering the home
  • An ongoing and updated care plan that incorporates all aspects of care
  • Be well looked after within the home by Elders, staff, volunteers and visitors
  • Have their care and wellbeing overseen by Elders, staff, volunteers and family members
  • Be attended by professionals in time of ill health
  • Have a time out area available if required
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