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When you get older, all that seems to happen is you have to give up things—work, home, mobility, health, loved ones and friends. This program allows our residents to hang on to something—their pet—which is usually their best friend, and they can bring them with them during this scary and emotional period in their lives.

—Raeleen, Kingscliff NSW

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As important as research and data are, sometimes it’s the anecdotes and lived experiences that are the most powerful.
You could be an elderly pet owner, a family member or a facility operator who has seen, firsthand, the incredible contribution made by a companion animal in an aged care setting. Or, perhaps, you’re a staff member who has worked in a facility that has welcomed pets. Please share your story with us (anonymously if you choose).
Please also submit here or to our social media accounts any general questions you have about pets in aged care.

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Are you a senior citizen living at home with your pet, a resident or employee of an aged care facility, or animal welfare advocate? We invite you to tell your stories about pets in aged care and have your questions answered.
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Please note: All text and photo submissions become the property of Companion Animal Network Australia and may be edited for clarity or brevity, and may be reused or requoted in the future. You agree that you are the copyright holder of any submitted text and photo by submitting your story, and by doing so are fully licensing the text and image to us for our use as we see fit. Not all stories are selected to be published. Editor's decisions are final.

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Sandra Spresser, 81, lost her much-loved cats Marmalade and Toulouse before moving to Orana Aged Care in Queensland. Now she receives daily cuddles from Pippa the Schmoodle who lifts her spirit and brightens her day.
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Paul Debar tells how Bonny makes him feel safe and everything seems better together at Lifeview in Victoria.
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BUPA Clayton General Manager Patrick Cullen tells how Roxy touches the lives of everyone at BUPA Clayton, a pet friendly aged care home in Victoria.
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