Bringing Brock was a condition of entry into seniors living

Pauline and Robin moved with their dog Brock from Melbourne to Greenway Views ACT in 2022. Bringing Brock was a must have – a condition of entry to the retirement and aged care village as they would not have moved without him.
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We got Brock as a rescue from Wagga Wagga to become a companion for our ageing Corgi named Max after his previous companion passed away. Brock quickly became a member of our family and of the Greenway Views family.

He’s fondly known as ‘Peter Brock’ to everyone in the village. All the staff and carers stop and pat him. Other residents who no longer have pets or who’ve lost their dog, stop and pat him. We love Brock and we love that everyone loves him, and he gets so much love and attention here in the village. Brock makes a lot of people happy here.

Brock loves walking around the village and going to the dog park twice a day. He loves ‘people watching’ on the outdoor areas of the cafes and on the BBQ decks in Greenway Views and enjoys kangaroo watching from the dog park. He loves the sun and basks in it in the dog park and on the balcony of our home.

If you asked Brock about life at Greenway Views, he would say it’s ‘heaven on earth’. He knows the village well, from the location of the offices to the cafes to the dog park. He knows where he wants to go and pulls us in that direction!

If a pet is well behaved and their owner is able to look after their pet and be responsible for their pet so they can enjoy the lifestyle and be happy and cared for, they should be allowed in aged care communities.

Pauline and Robin , ACT

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