Deb cherishes a feathered wedding at Snug Village

Deb loves life at Snug Village surrounded by animals from alpacas, baby ducks, cats and therapy dogs to beloved budgies Rosie and Pretty! She even got to attend a budgie wedding!
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I've been living at Snug Village in Tasmania for nearly five years. Before then, I had two budgies and one died. When I came to Snug, I left my budgie Rosie with my son. He was feeding her, but not talking to her. I just asked Snug Village if I could bring Rosie to the facility. They said yes and she's been here since.

Other residents enjoy having Rosie at Snug Village. There is some talk about her actually being a boy. I was told it’s a girl and then someone said it’s a boy. Oh well, I can’t change it now!

I then wanted Rosie to have a friend and a yellow budgie named Pretty was donated to the facility. The staff raised funds to get Rosie and Pretty a new cage for them to live in together. I said no, they can't live together till they’re married. And next thing, one of the carers comes in and says, "Have you got something nice to wear tomorrow?" I thought, what's going on, what idiot’s getting married? And they said, "No, it's the budgies!"

They went and saw Martin the Chaplin and we had a little wedding and afternoon tea! I got dressed up and we put hats on and had flowers.  Martin told me, “You know, Rosie’s gotta look after Pretty, and Pretty's gotta look after Rosie.” I said to Martin, Rosie didn’t choose a very good wife because I have to clean their home (their cage)!

I’m happy there are other animals that visit Snug Village. We had Alpacas, little ones, and I look after (Snug Village Support Coordinator) Kelsey's little doggy on Friday afternoon. I take it for a walk around the garden. If anyone likes dogs, I might call in to see if they want to see him and he lies on the bed next to me and we have little cuddles.

Some people bring in their cats, and I think someone bought their little baby duck. Lots of people bring their pets. I enjoy it because I like furry animals.

Deb , TAS

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