Monkey the Chihuahua spreads joy to aged care residents and staff

From Happy Hour and Sunday Karaoke to daily lunches, dinners and resident catch-ups, Gloria and her four-legged companion, Monkey, spread joy and companionship throughout the BUPA Aged Care Cairns community.
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My name is Gloria, I am 76 years old and live in the Kewarra wing of BUPA Aged Care Cairns with my dog, Monkey. I lived in Queensland most of my life and worked as a cook in an aged care facility.

I was hesitant to move into aged care at first, but once I found out BUPA had a pet friendly policy, I was all in. It’s now been one year since Monkey and I have been living at BUPA Aged Care Cairns! My children also live close by and visit often.

Monkey is a male chihuahua cross fox terrier and is 5 years old. He is adored by residents and staff alike and is definitely an uncertified therapy dog!

Monkey and I are inseparable! He is my entire Universe and I love him with every fiber of my being. Together we go out for lunches and dinners every day and attend nearly all of the lifestyle activities. We especially love the Friday afternoon Happy Hour and Sunday Karaoke with guest singers!

If you asked the staff about Monkey living at BUPA Aged Care Cairns, they would probably say it’s hard not to notice the daily traffic of residents and staff coming to our room to see us and spend time with us. We have a wonderful pet loving community!

Gloria , QLD

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