Olly the Maltese is Barry’s treasure for life

When Barry moved into aged care, he could no longer care for Olly. But Tara from BUPA Aged Care New Farm came to the rescue.
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BUPA Aged Care New Farm

My name is Barry and I am 86 years old, from Wagga NSW. I moved to BUPA Aged Care New Farm in Brisbane three years ago and unfortunately, I was unable to care for my dog Olly.

Olly is 9 years old. I’ve had him since he was a puppy and lived with me on the Sunshine Coast. When I moved into aged care, my son Ben took him in, but could no longer care for Olly due to his work.

When Tara, the General Manager at BUPA Aged Care New Farm, met Olly, she decided to adopt him! She took him because she has a beautiful soul, she loves Olly and that’s the main thing, she treats him like he has always been hers.

Tara brings Olly to visit me frequently. We sit in the sun, take small walks and take naps in the chair together. Olly loves the attention and the treats he gets here! I am so grateful I get to see my little mate. I couldn’t be without him. He is a treasure and makes me so happy.

Barry , QLD

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