Pet friendly residential aged care benefits animals, too

Peter, 90 and Jean, 92 are residents of Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities along with their beloved rescue dog, Sandy, who loves the attention she gets from everyone in the community
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We came to Australia from West Midlands in England and settled in Queensland, where we raised our family.

Our 12-year-old dog, Sandy, has been with us since 2015. She’s a Maltese Terrier and was found by our granddaughter, Sally, and taken to the vet. Sandy was not microchipped. As our dog had recently passed away at the time, we were happy to look after Sandy. No one came to get her, so she has been with us ever since!

When we moved to Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities in Robina, it was wonderful to know we could bring Sandy with us. It was not the only reason we chose Odyssey as our friend Wendy would have had her, but not being able to keep Sandy with us would’ve made us very sad.

Sandy is part of the family – she helps us exercise! We take walks together at the park, go on bus trips and tango to music in the piano room! Sandy loves life at Odyssey and loves being with her mum!

Everyone is very welcoming and loves Sandy, patting her and talking to her.

More residential aged care facilities should be pet friendly so that residents never have to leave their pets behind.

Jean and Peter , QLD

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