Purpose-built, pet friendly facilities will always have a waiting list

Rev Barbara Allen has always been passionate about pet friendly aged care living.
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Barbara and Rosa
She used to work as a chaplain in aged care and met people still living at home who would have benefited from being in care but wouldn't go because they couldn't leave their beloved animal companion behind.

Sometimes Barbara took her beautiful rescue dog Rosa to visit aged care residents who loved dogs. Rosa lived to be 17 years old. Sadly, she had an early life of abuse (gunshot pellets in her legs and cigarette burns on her neck), but even after such horrible treatment from humans, the little dog never snapped or growled at anyone. Another reason for pets in aged care, says Barbara.

She says, “I don't think it is hard to make an aged care facility accessible to pets. If a facility was purpose-built or even one wing was changed (ie add a little veranda/cat door/run) and employed an animal manager who would change the litter, walk the dog or get vet appointments. If such a facility existed, there would ALWAYS be a waiting list. I know that if I ever have to go into aged care, I won't go if my pets are not allowed to come with me.”

Rev Barbara Allen, VIC

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