With Bonny, everything seems better

Paul Debar tells how Bonny makes him feel safe and everything seems better together at Lifeview in Victoria.
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I gained six kilos since I moved into Lifeview Willow Wood at Cranbourne, Victoria, a few months ago with Bonny, my German Shepherd-Kelpie cross.

I get three meals a day, I can make a coffee whenever I want and it’s good accommodation – even though it’s a single bed. I have suffered four strokes and appreciate the care at Lifeview Willow Wood.

There are so many things that come with being safe. Bonny is at the very top of that list. When we are together – and we are together all the time now – everything seems much better. I don’t seem to get depressed anymore. And I used to get depressed a helluva lot!

The first time I moved into residential aged care, I was left Bonny with a friend. I lasted three months. I missed her too much. For a time, I ended up living on the street. At least I was always with my dog. And it was more important to me to have my dog. Then I found a caravan and I ended up living in that.

At Lifeview, I no longer have to choose between supported accommodation and my best mate.

Paul , VIC

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