Surveys, Reports and Submissions

CANA Pet Friendly Aged Care Reports and Government Submissions

Pet Friendly Aged Care Surveys

The federal government is actively seeking to better understand the role of pets in healthy ageing. Through data collected from these surveys, CANA hopes to provide an up-to-date snapshot of the community’s views on keeping pets and their owners together for longer.
But we need your help to do this.
Please complete one or more surveys, so that we can convincingly argue for positive change to the aged care sector.
General Aged Care Survey
This survey is open to the general public, we value your thoughts on this area
Residental Aged Care Survey
If you are a staff member or resident of a residential (live-in) aged care facility, kindly fill in this survey
In Home Aged Care Survey
Please fill in this survey if you or someone you care for lives at home, but receives aged care support at home
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