We exist to promote a pet-friendly aged care sector

About Us

The Pet-Friendly Aged Care program is owned and run by Companion Animal Network Australia-Australia CAN—a registered charity representing the companion animal welfare work of member organisations across Australia.

Our members have more than 300 years of combined experience caring for companion animals. Part of our mission is to help people of all ages maintain a connection with their pets

Pet Friendly Aged Care was established to highlight the often-catastrophic emotional harm caused when older people are forced to give up their pets upon moving into an aged care home, and to provide a more practical way forward.

What we do

Pet-Friendly Aged Care is a place where older pet owners, their families, home care support agencies and aged care facility operators can find tips and advice that allow residents to keep their pets in safe and responsible ways.
Our goal is to increase the number of pet-friendly aged care support services to prevent animals from being euthanised or surrendered to shelters, maximise the physical and emotional health of our animal-loving older people and promote the social benefits for communities who welcome pets.
Sign our Petition: Demand for the Australian Government to support older pet owners in home

Companion Animal Network Australia’s Pets in Aged Care Survey shows an urgent need to support pet ownership for older Australians who choose to live independently. Find our more about Our Petition

Find out More

What we know

In a quest to find out what the aged care and broader community thinks about pet ownership among older people, Pet Friendly Aged Care has established a series of ongoing surveys.

For example, did you know:

  • 86% of people say pets ease the transition into aged care
  • 95% of people believe pets contribute to improved health outcomes for older people
  • 78% of people say a pet lessens loneliness among older owners

The results are providing us with valuable insight and data that we can take to government and use to agitate for change.

Who can help and how

Everyone has the chance to make a difference. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you work in the sector or even if you know an older person with a pet…there are practical things you can do that will make a difference to this important movement.

By using your influence in a practical way, you will be adding to the chorus of voices that are agitating for positive change. As our community ages, more and more older people with pets will enjoy the benefits from your contribution.

Here are some ways you could consider helping:

Partners and supporters

Lifeview Residential Care
Lifeview is a family focused community, providing care and wellness in a supported social environment, where consumers live well through engagement, warm hospitality and lifestyle choices.

Our members are

More than 300 years of combined experience caring for animals
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