Why be pet-friendly?

Pets make a house a home

“We see the benefits for the pet owner as they quickly become engaged with other residents and staff as they introduce their pet. The benefits spread to other residents and staff…it’s a relaxing and happy moment in time when you stop to pat or cuddle a pet.

—Bernadette, Kingscliffe, NSW
A growing body of research is confirming significant health benefits attributable to pet ownership. Most obviously, pets decrease loneliness and isolation, increase social interaction and provide purpose and meaning to the lives of owners.

People who are separated from their pets upon entering an aged care facility often experience an extra layer of grief at a time of loss and sadness.
When an elderly person has a strong bond with their pet and the live-in pet situation is well managed, the benefits to that person, other residents and staff can be profound. Operators of pet-friendly aged care facilities say pets generate a community atmosphere and foster friendship between residents.
Managing live-in pets
Complaints about pets are minimal where clear guidelines are adopted and where expert community volunteers provide advice and support for pet owners. A range of successful models demonstrate a variety of approaches can meet the needs of pet owners, other residents and staff.
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