Why be pet-friendly?

Case Study: Noel and his dog Barney

When Noel Donovan (89) had to move to an aged care home, he missed the companionship of his mate Barney. So the Freemason Homes agreed to allow the little dog to stay with Noel during the day.

When he wasn’t there, I missed him” says Noel. “He now sleeps on the bed. I sleep on the chair.

Leisure and Lifestyle Assistant Judi Johnstone said everyone enjoyed Barney’s visits and staff were happy to see the pair reunited. “It’s very important, so important. If Noel couldn’t have Barney here, he wouldn’t cope. It’s his whole world” says Judi.

Barney is dropped off by family members in the morning and is picked up late in the day. It’s an arrangement that works well for Noel’s family, for staff and importantly for Noel and Barney.

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